Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Theory Post

Medical marijuana is an establishment that is hard to discredit as far as its medical purposes and clout that has been gained through testing. However, the potential restrictions, regulations, and guidelines that would follow legalization for medical marijuana is as divided as the Mason-Dixon. The central regulation that defines the medical argument is whether it should only be legal to those with physician’s consent. Pessimists might say that those who choose to use marijuana medically would deny conventional western medicine for marijuana when the choice was presented to them. Creating a legal option for patients who have been recommended marijuana as a medicine by their physician is only justice to those patients who have been denied medicine for the last thirty years. Also the potential revenue from medical marijuana is eleven figures, which is a substantial amount. The only significant drawback could come from the honor system that’s instilled between patients and physicians. A potential market could develop from physicians who sell recommendations to personal users as well as medically prescribed users. We as Americans can only hope that lawmakers can see the benefits of legalizing medical marijuana for those with physician’s consent outweighing the potential abuse from the morally casual in America.


Kryssi said...

If we did legalize marijuana, I'm still a little confused on the repercussions. Yes, we can hope that physician's wouldn't abuse their new role in the drug market, but how would this affect the current drug market for marijuana, or did you not really mention this because it would be so minuscule?


Robert Marley said...

Losing the market of those who use medical marijuana would not significantly affect the demand in the drug market. However, the supply aspect of the illegal drug market could be affected by the increased accesibility to marijuana through medical marijuana stores.

Alcohol 101 said...

The revenue that would be generated from the legalization of marijuana is astounding. Think 11 figures and that is just for medical marijuana. If the Government were to legalize marijuana for everyone, they could tax it and regulate it. If the drug was being regulated the fear of the drug being laced with a nasty surprised would decrease substantially.
As with any drug that the doctor prescribes, it is always on the honor code, but it never works. That is why people have the ability to use prescription drugs for recreation use(Oxycodon), and it would be the same for the potent marijuana.

Michelle said...

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Dan said...

Your argument is well written however it is based on the assumption that marijuana would be the only abused prescribed drug. Nearly all prescribed drugs are abused. from oxycontin to vicodin, prescribed drugs have been abused for years.

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