Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Extended Reading

When you first look at the topic of legalizing marijuana, there are many things to consider whether it be for personal use, medicinal use, industrial use, health risks, etc. Two sites that are comprehensive in many aspects of marijuana are NORML and MJLegal. Both sites will get a reader who is new to the topic a comprehensive introduction to and an overview of the topic. You will find objective information which will allow any reader to be able to decide a stance on the legalization of marijuana.
If you wish to focus more on the medicinal uses of marijuana in more detail then there are many sites to do that. The American Medical Association( AMA) gives information regarding the health aspects, diseases with which marijuana can be used as treatment, as well as information regarding pharmaceutical drugs made with marijuana.
The criminal aspects of legalizing marijuana are often spoken about when legalization is talked about. Crime deterrence and money spent on enforcing marijuana laws are topics which pro legalization supporters harp upon because of the efficiency that legalization could cause in our police systems. Those not supporting legalization will cite that it will lead to other drugs as well as set a poor model for the youth of America, both causing crime to increase. You as the reader must take this information and decide for yourself whether legalizing marijuana, specifically medical marijuana, is good for the country. I can only show you the way through these websites; you have to take that step

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