Sunday, October 28, 2007

Class Links

I really appreciate those that read my blog. If you like my blog , you will be interested in or at least appreciate the following blogs.
This blog expresses another viewpoint on the legalization of marijuana. The writer who is also in favor of legalization of marijuana is interested in the medicinal purposes of marijuana like me. However, she focuses on the drugs that can be made from marijuana and then used medicinally. Her blog is worth visiting to see the other side of medical marijuana. I think that less focus should be on the regulation of marijuana if it was legalized for medicinal use where she thinks that marijuana should be regulated to the point where only drugs made from marijuana should be legalized. Not only does she provide an objective view, but it’s backed by quality sources with a visually appealing layout for an enjoyable blog experience.
This blog focuses on the separation of church and state which is an interesting argument that can be related to marijuana laws being influenced by a conservative religious influenced governing body. The writer says that it’s time to accept that our country was built on religious values and influences, but that our country is not regulated and defined by one set of values. The writer does an excellent job of diffusing the situation which can be a heated argument because many still believe that through prayer in school , etc. , our country is still regulated by religious values.
Alcohol101’s blog focuses on lowering the drinking age to 18. This blog is worth visiting to see how deep an argument can be defined. He has stated that if the drinking age was lowered to 18 that certain regulations would have to come with it, mainly an increase in penalties for drunk drivers. He analyzes the issue on many different levels, He states broadly first that the drinking age should be lowered. He then follows up with saying that the 21 year old drinking age is limiting Americans rights and that this is wrong. He concludes by saying safety is the most important thing and that an increase in penalties for drunk driving and a lowering of the drinking age will accomplish the previous arguments of not letting the government limit our freedoms and keeping safety a priority.


Mr. W said...

I really appreciated this list of links to these other blogs related to the legalization of marijuana. I am kind of interested in this topic and I realy didn't know much about the subject before reading your blog. These other blogs really helped me to see other sides and arguement of the issue at hand. Great Job!

John Williams said...

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